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    Picture of "Gewaltig wie das Meer ist dein Zusammenbruch" (Klgl 2,13)
    Picture of (Dis)Order of U.S. Schooling

    (Dis)Order of U.S. Schooling

    This book critically interrogates the function of schooling in the United States of America using the writings of sociologist Zygmunt Bauman and suggests that its aims, whether recognized or not, are not so much to educate students to be free thinkers, but rather to be orderly cogs in a particular functional social machine.
    Picture of 1000 Lashes

    1000 Lashes

    Picture of 1972 World Heritage Convention

    1972 World Heritage Convention

    This commentary examines the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (the UNESCO World Heritage Convention), fifty years after its adoption. It explores the new challenges which have arisen in the management of world heritage sites and the Convention's impact on the evolution of international heritage law.
    Picture of 30th Birthday Guest Book

    30th Birthday Guest Book

    Picture of A to Z of Grandparent Names

    A to Z of Grandparent Names

    Learn the cultural significance behind the traditional and unique names for grandparents all over the world with The A to Z of Grandparent Names.
    Picture of A to Z of Spanish Culture

    A to Z of Spanish Culture

    Picture of AARP


    Picture of ABC-Clio Companion to the 1960s Counterculture in America

    ABC-Clio Companion to the 1960s Counterculture in America

    The 1960s counterculture challenged the mainstream practices that dominated the 1950s, producing such groups as the hippies, Diggers, the National Organization for Women, and the American Indian Movement, all of which demanded societal change.
    Picture of Abolish the Family

    Abolish the Family

    What if family were not the only place you might hope to feel safe, loved, cared for and accepted?