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The Devil's Advocate

Published : Thursday 5 August 2021
ISBN : 9781409185895
Price : €15.99

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The new thriller from Sunday Times bestselling author Steve Cavanagh

'The Devil's Advocate makes your palms sweat and your blood run cold; the terrific trial scenes out-Grisham John Grisham.' The Times 'This guy is the real deal. Trust me.' LEE CHILD 'Top notch thrills and courtroom drama' SHARI LAPENA 'A terrific writer. He has talent to burn.' DON WINSLOW A DEADLY PROSECUTOR They call him the King of Death Row. Randal Korn has sent more men to their deaths than any district attorney in the history of the United States. A TWISTED RITUALISTIC KILLING When a young woman, Skylar Edwards, is found murdered in Buckstown, Alabama, a corrupt sheriff arrests the last person to see her alive, Andy Dubois. It doesn't seem to matter to anyone that Andy is innocent. A SMALL TOWN BOILING WITH RAGE Everyone in Buckstown believes Andy is guilty. He has no hope of a fair trial. And the local defense attorney assigned to represent him has disappeared. A FORMER CON-ARTIST Hot shot New York lawyer Eddie Flynn travels south to fight fire with fire. He plans to destroy the prosecutors case, find the real killer and save Andy from the electric chair. But the murders are just beginning. Is Eddie Flynn next? 'Addictive, unpredictable and timely' WILL DEAN 'Gripping, twisty and smart' JANE FALLON 'THE beach read of the summer of 2021' ADRIAN MCKINTY 'Like a binge-worthy boxset in book form' PHILIPPA PERRY 'This is Steve Cavanagh's best yet' JO SPAIN